FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

Q - What is www.dailyprojects.in ?

A - www.dailyprojects.in is a micro work platform where, you can get part time job, internships and paid tasks all year around. We only curate from top brands.

Q - Do I need to pay anything to be on www.dailyprojects.in?

A - No, dailyprojects.in is a free online platform.

Q - How do we get paid after we complete a task?

A - After you complete the task, the work goes to the brand, the brand then validates the task you completed, then they release the payment to dailyprojects.in (either once a month or every 15 days, it depends on the brand.) then we send the payment to you as soon as we receive the payment. (within 2 days of us receiving the payment.)

Q - How do we know dailyprojects.in has received the payment from the brand?

A - You will be assigned a relationship manager from our side, he will update you the same. We are also planning to build the payment schedule page on our website to make this information transparent. You will see this feature soon on our website.

Q - Is dailyproejcts.in legal?

A - Yes, its a legal business, we are registered in Indore MP, you can ask any questions you have at admin@dailyprojects.in

Q - Is my personal data safe with dailyprojects.in?

A - Yes, all of your data is safe with us on our dedicated server and all your passwords are encrypted so we or our team can not see anything. Our telecallers work with masked phone numbers when they connect with you so there are no internal leaks. We will never share your data with anyone. We are also working to safeguard your data with new technologies. We will keep informing you the same as and when required.

Q - What kind of work can I expect from dailyprojects.in?

A - We provide projects related to - Sales, BTL/TTL marketing, last mile delivery, social media marketing, graphic design, video making, content writing, telecalling, transcription work and any other kind of a dignified task under the sun that our users are willing to do. Our focus is always to bring high paying projects and to tap only clients that are big established brands.